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I have four new year resolutions. One of them to get back on my spiritual path. That entails (most importantly) meditation, maintaining this blog, doing yoga, and staying on top of daily (or at least) weekly spiritual readings. I’ve been feeling very out-of-sorts lately — uncomfortable in my own skin. I know that it doesn’t help that I “fell off the wagon.”

For me I know that without a regular spiritual/meditation practice, I am not as solid a person in this world. It’s the equivalent of an alcoholic’s relapse. I am not conscious of being a caring, attentive person. I just lose my grounding.

Another resolution is to get and stay organized. I got an awesome new book, Sorted: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Life Once and For All!, and I’ve been working my way through its many “recipes.” I’ve been obsessed with eliminating any and all clutter. Trying to clean outside of myself as a way of feeling better inside myself. While I do think that the external environment in which we live is important to our inner well being, I also know that ultimately I need to find inner peace despite chaos. It’s a fine line, and I’m trying to find the balance.


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