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In the November 2009 issue of Real Simple magazine there was a series of short columns by writers describing the most meaningful moment of their day. As someone who loves reading about other people’s lives in the form of blogs and memoirs (recently read Hurry Down Sunshine and The Sharper your Knife, the Less you Cry — both of which I recommend), I found these short columns about one moment of the day appealing. There was sense of calm and peace to be gained from reading about each writer’s one moment — even when some of the moments were slightly chaotic themselves. The fact that the writer’s could appreciate a range of instances that are both meaningful in obvious and not so obvious ways gave me a sense of being able to find that in my own life as well. And so, I decided that I would attempt to write about my own favorite moment of the day, which is this one.

It is the moment currently around 7am every moment (though it used to be much earlier) when I sit down at my computer with a mug of coffee. My boss likes to say that “coffee is sacred in the morning,” and my Shiatsu practitioner told me that coffee is her “joy.” I think many people feel that sense of ritual and importance around their daily cup of morning coffee. At our house we like hearty, oversized mugs that are generally painted in bright, primary colors. Our favorites are the “cats in love” mugs (though we are actually dog lovers) that we found in a small local gift shop at a tremendous discount. There is great comfort in having that weighty, warm mug in my hand. When writing, sipping coffee is the moment of crafting — the moment when I pause to consider what I’m working on, what I’ve produced and decide to move forward or back-up, as necessary.

Giving myself this morning moment is a little like giving myself the time to meditate — my life – my body and mind – feel “out of whack” without it, as they are both centering activities, and yet too often I don’t “give” myself this time. My former massage therapist used to always tell me that I make time to brush my teeth and that these things are equally important and deserve the same regularity in my life as teeth brushing.


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